Monday, July 30, 2007

Days 4, 5, & a touch of 6

Allegedly, there was an incident on Saturday that involved a moment of weakness and 4 tortilla chips. Allegedly. If it did actually happen, I'm sure I would probably have felt pretty guilty (and had a slight stomach ache) for the remainder of the day. But I would have also have been reassured that I am 100% human.

Actually, despite that "alleged" incident, I'm feeling pretty incredible. Honestly. I think I got my 1 cheat out of the way and I'm not really tempted by anything. I haven't felt hungry or irritable, and to be honest, I've got some pretty good energy going. I'm also sleeping pretty fantastically at night.

I spent part of the weekend with my parents, and it was nice to have someone on the same "every-2-hour" schedule as myself. I did juice lunch for both my father and I, although I'm still having a hard time getting him to actually like the taste of veggie juice. I think since I've tried so many bad ones, and since I've been juicing at least once or twice a day for the past couple of weeks, I've gotten used to it, and have actually come to enjoy it. For the most part. I'm still using the same basic formula that I posted a few days ago, but I often will toss in whatever else sounds good, such as fresh broccoli or a beet.

I also tried a great recipe for a soup last night. For the evening meal, we do a stripped down version of soup, which is basically nothing but pureed vegetables with some herbs and liquid aminos. Although I've made some pretty decent soups so far, last night's was defintely the best. It was loaded with fresh spinach, kale, fresh ginger and garlic, a touch of onion, and a touch of Asian chili sauce. It was so good, I'm sure a version of it will appear on 28 Cooks at some point in the future.

Thanks for the well-wishing emails and comments. I love to get them! And if you have any questions about the process, feel free to leave them in the comment area or send me an email to 28cooks AT gmail dot com.

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