Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day One and Still Alive

Well, here it is at the close of Day One, and amazingly enough, I'm still alive and kicking. Actually, it wasn't nearly as tough as I thought it would be. *knocks on wood* I did have a headache in the middle of the afternoon, which was probably due to my separation from my longtime companion and steady confidante, Caffeine.

It wasn't too hard keeping to the schedule, which is basically taking in plenty of fluids as well as some sort of protein shake or fresh juice every 2 hours. It was a tad difficult just coordinating it all, as I was out of town and spent the day monkeying around and doing a bit of shopping. It was also a touch hard going to some of my favorite stores, like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, and not doing my normal shopping there.

To answer a few questions I've gotten from either email, comments, or from my coworkers:

A - No, I do not have any control over the ads that are placed on this website from Google. I did give permission to have ads on my site, however I don't pick the ones that show up there. So any sort of colon cleansing/colonic/tar in your gut web pages you click on have nothing to do with me.

B - I should have clarified earlier. I am not only drinking fresh vegetable juices, but am also trying to maintain as balanced a diet as possible. A few times a day, I am drinking some Superfood protein shakes, which are loaded with a lot of the healthy grasses (such as wheatgrass, spirulina, etc) as well as fruits, veggies, and protein. I'm not starving myself, but am trying to only feed my body with whole foods.

And now, onto Day 2. Feel free to ask me any questions about the process in the comments and I'll answer them the next day.

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Heather said...

Thanks! You did answer my one question about the protein drinks being the Superfoods ones. I love those! They would definately make a juice fast more palatable.

Gotta love the caffeine withdrawl headaches!

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